Scholarship applications for 2014-15 are now available.

Seattle-Nantes Scholars

Seattle-Nantes Sister Cities Association, will award scholarships of up to $1000 to high school seniors or college students who will be enrolled French classes in a college or university in Washington state in fall of 2014. Preference will be given to students:

1. whose permanent residence is in Washington,

2. who intend to major in French or Francophone studies, or

3. who will minor in French or take at least two full years of courses, or

4. who need a concentration in French to support a program of study, and

5. who are members of Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association.

Students enrolling in any year of college or university are eligible. Successful students will:

1. demonstrate a passion for French language and culture in a written application, and an interview which will be given to selected applicants,

2. furnish evidence of a satisfactory preparation in French which will indicate a lasting interest and successful academic studies in French language and culture, and

3. be expected to remain a part of Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association after completing their studies. This could include participating in activities and projects, serving on the board, or making presentations on behalf of the association.

Additional scholarships

Goldmark Scholarships are for students who want to study in Nantes, France. These scholarships are awarded in honor of the Goldmark Family of Seattle by the Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association.

To apply for a Goldmark Scholarship, send an email to Jean Leblon at after April 1. You will be contacted with more information.

The Frances Bennett Scholarship is awarded to an applicant for a Seattle-Nantes scholarship who plans to enter a service profession such as teaching or medicine, or has overcome a significant hardship in order to continue his or her studies. This scholarship awards the recipient $500 in each of two consecutive years. Recipients of the Frances Bennett scholarship are selected from applicants for our other scholarships.

Participating Colleges

Click here for links to the French Departments of four-year colleges and universities in Washington state.